Katy Art School is a real Art School. We are not a craft class to keep your child busy. In Art Studio, students will be working through a series of activities and projects that meet specific Art Objectives. We have the ability to offer a more in depth teaching due to small class sizes and the interest in art by our students.

Our Curriculum spirals through the Principles and Elements of Art Design, taking the Art Teks (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills) into account to be sure each activity is age appropriate for your child. Students can advance at their own pace throughout the Art Studio program.
Students will learn the following over the course of time:

Elements of Art

• Space
• Shape of Form
• Line Theory
• Color Theory
• Texture

What is Katy Art School?

Students will be introduced to Art History and how Art has progressed over time. They meet, through their work, a variety of artists spanning the ages. Different cultures abound. Students will explore different mediums and practice various techniques. Students will create and keep a journal and portfolio throughout the year.

Our Mission:

Foster an atmosphere where the unique talents and perspectives of individual students can develop and flourish.

Create a student centerd environment where artists can advance knowledge and self confidence. 

Expand and nurture the talents of active and creative minds through the introduction of diverse styles and various mediums.

Inspire students to enjoy art and have fun learning practical and relevant skills.

Principles of Design

• Movement
• Unity/Harmony
• Variety
• Balance/Symmetry
• Scale/Proportion
• Pattern
• Dominance/Emphasis
• Density